I may get a lot of flack on this, but I tried to state my case in as few words as I possibly could.

WCYB posted a poll this morning asking our opinion as to whether or not the Bible should be the official book of Tennessee. This was my response.

."I say YES! Historically it's one of the oldest books that is still in circulation. Although I don't know all it's history, I know that it goes back even to England before our nation was established. On a spiritual viewpoint, I believe it is the inspired Word of God. Also, both spiritually and historically, it has foretold/predicted events that have taken place through the centuries. That alone would make me a believer. As for Tennessee's Official book, a vast majority of the people who developed and inhabited Tennessee were of a christian heritage. The Appalachians and surrounding territory having even been nicknamed, 'The Bible Belt'. Whilst I see nothing wrong in it's teachings, I can argue that if it means nothing to you other than just a book, then what does it matter? It's teaching are to bring about and live a clean and peaceful life. Maybe that's the real problem. People don't really want to live clean and peaceful!"