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They Told Brad Not To Say ‘Jesus’, What He Did On Live TV Stunned The Whole Room

"Wow, This is so powerful. He talks about how loyal and amazing country fans are, and then he goes onto sing his first verse in “This Is Country Music” that silenced all his critics that day:


 “You’re not supposed to say the word Cancer in song. And telling folks that Jesus is the answer… can rub em wrong. It ain’t hip to sing about tractors, trucks, and little towns or momma… yeah that might be true. But this is country music… and we do.”Today, Faith runs right along with most themes of his song lyrics. We love that Brad did something so amazing as taking to the CMA Awards back in 2010 with the name of Jesus and saying it proudly."


 About Carrie Underwood; "They Told Carrie Not To Praise Jesus In Public, Her Response Silenced Every Unbeliever. Her new single, “Something In The Water” has caused quite a bit of controversy, as it centers around the name of Jesus Christ and what the Bible says about being ‘reborn’. It’s truly phenomenal, in our opinion! In a recent performance, we got word that Carrie has come under heavy scrutiny by not only the pop industry but also the country music industry at times. Carries response was AMAZING.


 Here’s her statement:

    “I’m not the first person to sing about God, Jesus, faith [or] any of that, and I won’t be the last. And it won’t be the last for me, either. If you don’t like it, change the channel.”And then she wen to the CMA’s and sang one of the most heartfelt versions of her song that proclaimed the name of Jesus. If you aren’t familiar with the lyrics, here they are now:


 He said, “I’ve been where you’ve been before.Down every hallway’s a slamming door.No way out, no one to come and save me.Wasting a life that the Good Lord gave me.


 Then somebody said what I’m saying to you,Opened my eyes and told me the truth.”They said, “Just a little faith, it’ll all get better.”So I followed that preacher man down to the river and now I’m changed And now I’m stronger


 There must’ve been something in the water Oh, there must’ve been something in the water  "