First off, let me assure you that so many people have touched my life in a positive way that I could never begin to list each one's name! You may have smiled at me when I was down and out, you may have commented on my singing when I wondered why I even bother. There's so, so many ways my friends and family have helped shape my life!!

For this note/blog I'd like to brag and give honor to those that have had the greatest impact on me. 

I'd like to begin back some 40+ years ago at Charleston Heights Church of God where a dear saint named Marie Sims would help to encourage and teach me with my singing. Yes, there were others she helped, but the time and encouragement gave to me has remained a vital part of my singing. For years I'd pretty much lost contact, but she was always in my heart. As an adult I regained contact and she has since amazed me at her tender instruction about my christianity. I love you Sis. Sims!

When I was around 8 yrs old I remember praying for God to give me a 'Brady Bunch' mom. Go ahead and laugh, it's ok. My reasoning in this was that Carol Brady loved her children and wasn't ashame to let them know. Not just her biological girls, but the 3 sons she inherited by marriage to their father. Even with all the love she shared, she also dealt out discipline when necessary, but it always ended in a positive manner.

Well, around age 10 I met a wonderful lady at O'Hear Ave. House of Prayer named Freda Moore. There's so much to this story I could tell, but it would create a book; so I'll just highlight my thoughts. My mama that adopted me at birth was elderly and sickly and there was definitely a generation gap with us. Freda became the mom that I needed at that crucial time of growing up. My love for her did not change the love I had for my mama Lucille! When mama passed away, I gradually began to refer to Freda as mama. We sang for years in a gospel group and once again I was being taught of God and His gifts and the Annointing! I aquired a whole family through this spiritual union that God allowed. I now have Aunts, Uncles, cousins, neices, a nephew, a brother...oh my. Had it not been for Freda there really is no telling where I may have ended up. Although being raised in church and knowing God had a special calling on my life; I still had somewhat of a wild streak. Satan did his best to attack this 'Achilles heel', but due to the guidance I had, I was able to stay stablized. 

In my 30's I had moved to Johnson City, Tn. I attended Church of Jesus and had wonderful friends there. Not realizing that Satan would once again attack me at my weakest spot; I strayed. Afraid to totally let go of God, yet knowing that should He call me home, I would be lost! I had become dear friends to Theresa (McMillan) Garland. She became my little Sissy. Never being critical, she would visit me at work and before leaving always simply say,"Glenda, Jesus is coming soon" with which I would hang my head and reply, "I know"! God began dealing with me and long story short, after 2 years I rededicated my life to God. The war was still raging though and I had built walls around me that seemed inpenetratable. Slowly God used Theresa to tear that wall down, brick by brick, helping to once again be able to share love with everyone as well as receive love. She saw me cry and battle, but remained steadfast and determined to see me through to total victory.

Then along came a singing Evangelist named Connie Abner from Ohio. She was in town for meetings at our church and it was work day on a Sat. Everyone there working in the flowers and cleaning, etc. Sis. Connie come to the church and Theresa and I went to her car to chat. Well, Theresa went back to work, but little did I know that once again God was placing someone amazing in my life to help me grow both spiritually and naturally.  I sat on the ground, her in the car, talking for nearly 2 hours as I recall. Through the years she has been an inspiration to me. She has shown me love and gave me direction when I needed it. Encouraging me to move forward into my calling. Cautioning me when I would become weary.

And last, but certainly not least; Jackie Wiseman. Although I was doing pretty good; I was serving God, singing, and enjoying life for the most part. God knew that I still needed a little something more. 

Let me say here that sometimes God gives us opportunities/tasks that might be difficult, but the results if saw through to the end are magnificent and rewarding; both here and in the world to come. It's up to us if we are willing to accept this task. Many start, but falter along the way. Failing to see what God is trying to do.

Anyhow, I was still going through a natural struggle concerning family. I was only at real peace when I was at church and in the presence of God. My boss had sent me to a psychologist and many had talked with me, but God knew what He was getting ready to do! Jackie had started working at Dawn of Hope where I was employed. We drove transportation vans. We had two way radios and all the drivers always chatted. I learned that Jackie was a professing christian and sang in a southern gospel group, Sounds of Victory. We would always start up our vehicles a little before time to leave and I took the liberty one evening to go jump in the van with Jackie while we waited to leave. We did nothing more than just listen to the gospel station WETB; but here's the outstanding result of that. I experienced that same awesome peace sitting in that van with her as when I was in church. I knew it was Jesus!!!! She didn't have to say anything, He was just there!! I won't tell the whole story of how everything happened, but I am a Sounds of Victory! She started helping me, teaching me,; I don't know how to describe it, but God through her has helped me to grow spiritually in so many avenues! She has gave me unconditional love and again I have been blessed with more family! She has set forth an example that I truly try to follow. I'm not to great at it, but with God's help He's teaching me with an example to mirror myself by. One of the greatest things I've been blessed by is that the same person you see in church, is the same person at home daily.

So, as you see, many have helped to mold and shape my life into what it is today. God as the Master Potter has used these mortal people as His hands to tenderly shape and sometimes even have to reshape this vessel! Thank you for allowing yourself to be used of God!

My prayer is this; That I may be a vessel fit for the Master's use and that He will use me to be to someone what these special individuals have been to me!!