1.  The Hero's On The Hill
  2. I'm Longing For Home
  3. Walking In The Highway
  4. Folly Of A Fool (featuring Autumn Earp)
  5. Consider The Lillies
  6. I'm Gonna Wake Up In Glory
  7. There's Power In Prayer
  8. I've Got More To Go To Heaven For
  9. Forever ( In memory of Charlotte Pruitt)
10. Thank God For Kids
11. Send Your Best Angel
12. Go Rest High
13. He'll Deliver Me
We've Come This Far By Faith
  1. Didn't I Walk On The Water
  2. I'm Changing Houses
  3. I'll Be There
  4. My Home
  5. God Saves Old Sinners
  6. Let's Meet By The River
  7. My Hope Is In The Blood
  8. He'll Wake My In Glory
  9. When I Lay My Isaac Down
  10. I've Made Up My Mind
  11. Mercy Walked In
  12. An Unspoken Request

My Hope Is In The Blood.mp3

He'll Wake Me In Glory.mp3

  1.  I Don't Have To See The Tomb
  2. What's Wrong With Living Right
  3. One Thing I Know *
  4. American Soldier
  5. Empty Me Lord
  6. It's Hard To Stumble
  7. Someone Made The Sandals Jesus Wore
  8. Going Home
  9. I'm Bound For The Land Of Canaan
  10. Notified
  11. My New Address **
  12. He's The Same God

*written by Adina Benton Bowman

** second verse wrote by Jackie Wiseman 

What's Wrong With 

Living Right 

02 - What's Wrong With Living Right.mp3

03 - One Thing I Know.mp3


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New   Eyes


  1.  There's a Record Book
  2.  Pressing On
  3.  I'm looking Through New Eyes
  4.  The  Call
  5.  I Went Down A Beggar
  6. God's First Christmas Tree
  7.  Nobody Loves Me Like Jesus *
  8. Did I Mention
  9. I Can't, But God Can
  10. Oh How Precious Is The Flow
  11. He Must Have Loved Me Alot
  12. Born To Serve The Lord
  13. I Thought You Ought To Know
  14. My Promise To You **
  • * written by Dennis Bradley
  •  ** written by Charlotte Pruitt

Don't Forget To Pray

Looking Through New Eyes.mp3

My Promise To You.mp3

There's A Record Book.mp3

Nobody Loves Me like Jesus.mp3

I Went Down A Beggar.mp3

  1. You're In Your Father's House
  2. Don't Forget To Pray *
  3. Great Physician's Hand
  4. Graveclothes
  5. Thank God I'm Free
  6. If It Takes A Valley **
  7. Something Keeps Pulling Me Home
  8. I Believe
  9. After All
  10. There's A Miracle
  11. Don't Give Up *

*written by Amber Earp and Jackie Wiseman

**written by Charlotte Pruitt

Don't Forget To Pray.mp3

Thank God I'm Free.mp3

If It Takes A Valley.mp3

I Believe.mp3

  1.  Suppertime
  2. Blessed Be The Name **
  3. Too Much To Gain To Lose
  4. Help Is On The Way
  5. I Found A Better Way
  6. Tell Me The Story Again
  7. Didn't He Shine
  8. Heaven's Not So Very Far Away *
  9. Looking Beyond
  10. That Soldier Was Me
  11. Gotta Tell Somebody *

 Too Much To Gain To Lose

Blessed Be THe Name.mp3

Gotta Tell Somebody.mp3

Heaven's Not So Far Away.mp3

Looking Beyond.mp3

Thank You For The Roses

02 - Nobody Loves Me Like He Does.mp3

04 - He's Always There.mp3

  1.  When We All Get To Heaven
  2. Nobody Loves Me Like He Does **
  3. Thank You For The Roses
  4. He's Always There *
  5. Who Do You Think
  6. Haven Of Rest
  7. Till The Answer Comes
  8. At The Crossing
  9. Eternity With You
  10. God's Amazing Love ***
  11. The Master's Strong Hand
  12. I'm His And He's Mine
  13. Another Blood Bought Soldier **


10 - God's Amazing Love.mp3

13 - Another Blood Bought Soldier.mp3

* Written by Jackie Wiseman

** Written by Charlotte Pruitt

*** Written by Dennis Bradley

Clinging To A Saving Hand

09 My Heart's Already Home.mp3

08 Let's Run This Race.mp3

  1.  Till The Storm Passes By
  2. Sing Till I Die
  3. Clinging To A Saving Hand
  4. Across The Bridge
  5. Joy
  6. I Met The King
  7. Sinner Saved By Grace
  8. Let's Run This Race **
  9. My Heart's Already Home *
  10. I'll Trade The Old Cross For A Crown
  11. Still Blessed
  12. Meet Me Up In Heaven Someday
  13. I See God Everywhere

* written by Jackie Wiseman

** written by Freda Moore


 Hallelujah, He's Risen

  1.  Who I Am
  2. He's My Friend
  3. I Want My Lord To Be Satisfied With Me
  4. Hallelujah, He's Risen
  5. I'm A Little Closer To My Lord
  6. That's All That Matters To Me
  7. I'm No Longer An Orphan
  8. Paid In Full
  9. Whole Lot Of People
  10. Out Of Harm's Way
  11. Beulah Land
  12. Sounds Of That City
  13. The Lowest Valley

 I Know Now

03 I Know Now.mp3

08 Just A Few Things.mp3

09 It Should Have Been Me.mp3

01 I'm A Believer.mp3

  1.  I'm A Believer **
  2. Lord, I'm Ready To Go Home
  3. I Know Now *
  4. Faith In God
  5. Oh What A Savior
  6. I Will Follow Thee
  7. I Can't Make It Lord Without You
  8. Just A Few Things *
  9. It Should Have Been Me **
  10. Let Me Feel Your Spirit

* written by Jackie Wiseman

** written by Charlotte Pruitt

 Only Gone From Our Sight

12 God's Still On The Throne.mp3

  1.  Crossing Time
  2. Thinking Of Home
  3. Meet Me In Heaven
  4. Satisfied Mind
  5. He Never Gave Up
  6. Ready To Leave
  7. Only Gone From Our Sight
  8. So Much To Thank Him For
  9. Sailing Towards Home
  10. Highway To Heaven (Preacherman)
  11. He Still Looks Over Me
  12. God's Still On The Throne *

* Written by Charlotte Pruitt

 I Just Wanted You To Know

09 These Old Eyes.mp3

10 The Sooner, The Better.mp3

  1.  The Dearest Friend I Ever Had
  2. Too Many Times
  3. I've Never Been This Homesick
  4. I Just Wanted You To Know
  5. Second Birth
  6. I'm Laying Up Treasures
  7. I Know What Jesus Did For Me
  8. The Lord Will Make A Way
  9. These Old Eyes *
  10. The Sooner, The Better **

* written by Buddy Wiseman, Jackie Wiseman, and Glenda Pounds

** written by Glenda Pounds

 Songs Most Requested

  1.  Thank God For Mom's and Dad's *
  2. Royal Banquet
  3. Something More Precious *
  4. One More River
  5. Earth's Loss Is Heaven's Gain
  6. God Is In Control *
  7. But For The Blood
  8. It Won't Always Be That Way
  9. Even The Valley
  10. I'm A Little Closer Home *

11. Jesus Paid It All
12.  Good News *
13.  What A Prayer Can Do
14.  Just Passing Through
15.  I've Never Been This Homesick
16.  I Just Wanted You To Know
17.  These Old Eyes **
18.  The Lord Will Make A Way
19.  Amazing Grace

* written by Jackie Wiseman

** written by Buddy Wiseman, Jackie Wiseman, and Glenda Pounds